Nomination Form for the 2018 Diocesan Convention

Please fill out this form completely in order to be given proper consideration for the election during the 2018 Diocesan Convention. Attach your image file at the end of the form. Note that the name of the clergy or lay leader who will endorse this application must be included in this form.

The following elections will take place at the 2018 Diocesan Convention:

Standing Committee: 1 Clergy person (3-year term) and 1 Lay person (3 year term).

Each Diocese of the Episcopal Church has a committee of lay and ordained members who serve as the Bishop’s Council of Advice, and in the absence of a diocesan bishop, represent the ecclesiastical authority of the diocese. The Standing Committee meets monthly.

Executive Council: 2 Clergy persons (3-year term) and 4 Lay persons (3 year term).

Each Diocese has a body of lay and clerical members who serve between annual diocesan conventions to oversee the mission and program of the diocese. Members begin their service with an overnight retreat in April, and attend 6-8 meetings per year.

 Sewanee Trustee: 1 Clergy person (3-year term).

As one of the owning dioceses of St. Luke’s School of Theology at the University of the South, the Diocese of Lexington elects 1 lay and 1 clerical trustee in alternating years, who attend meetings, encourage the mission of the school and participate in fundraising.

In the following four text boxes, please describe your history and present positions of Christian service through the Diocese of Lexington, and give approximate dates for each.

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